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Medical Record Coding and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting

G2N, Inc. provides medical record coding and revenue cycle consulting to support you in the gross to net cycle. Hospitals and physicians are supported with timely and accurate coding as you address coding backlogs, regulatory changes and a shortage of quality coders. G2N, Inc. provides you peace of mind. Your processes are optimized and streamlined because we know the revenue cycle.  You need a partner who is compatible, compliant and performs for you--G2N is that partner.

Founded by coding and revenue cycle experts with a passion to serve, G2N, Inc. offers many options to meet your needs. We are flexible, dependable, and provide consistent results.

  • Flexibility - We adapt our procedures to your coding guidelines.
  • Dependability - We eliminate variables such as vacations and sick leave
  • Results - Achieve 95-98% accuracy
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Our Services

  • Remote Medical Coding >
    Hospital and Physician coding services performed by skilled, dedicated specialists, saving you time and money.
  • Medical Revenue Cycle Consulting >
    We can help with Market Price Analysis, Chargemaster review and maintenance, Special Projects and more!
  • Medical Coding Careers >
    Whether you're interested in auditing, consulting, or healthcare revenue cycle, working for G2N provides opportunities to move forward in your career.
  • Education >
    G2N can provide training and resources for your staff to better understand the issues and to enhance their performance.

What Our Customers
are Saying...

  • "Our specialty physicians work around the country and push back when challenged. G2N made substantial improvements and our physicians actually appreciated the process. Our revenue cycle is more compliant and profitable." - CEO, Texas
  • "We really appreciated G2N’s tailored approach to our hospital. G2N made complex regulations easy to understand and they identified ways we could be paid more, honest and healthy!" - CFO, Wisconsin
  • "G2N has been our revenue cycle partner for over a decade providing quality charge capture, CDM and specialized revenue cycle consulting. They also supply all of our hospital coding and annual audits exceed 98%." - CFO, Missouri

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